Mal de Aurora

Interrogantes Buzón.Archivo

Jacob Rueff, De Conceptu et Generatione Hominis, 1554.
St. Roch Cemetery in New Orleans, 1941
Untitled (Little Girl) by Wallace Berman, 1974
George Bartisch, Ophthalmodouleia (Dresden 1583)
Reading ‘A Deed Without A Name’ by Lee Morgan #witchcraft #traditionalwitchcraft #demons #occult #folklore
William Blake. The Ancient of Days 1793
Etching, pen, ink, watercolour on paper
Nicolas-Henri Jacob (French, 1782–1871) - Drawing in Traité Complet De L’anatomie De L’homme by Marc-Jean Bourgery, 1839
F by Pattyx on Flickr.
Francisco de Zurbarán
Alvar Velázquez de Lara
Painting from the series 'The Seven Infants of Lara' (a Spanish Medieval legend)
The witch, detail - David Rijckaert (Ryckaert) III
middle of 17th centuryKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna